What Our Patients Say

“Doc Sandy has been able to help me more then all the rest of the Doctors put together. Her treatments are for the whole body and the mind. The physical treatment she performs is amazing, working from the top to the bottom of your body. I was very relaxed and confident with her treatments and felt much improved in only a few visits. What has impressed me the most is the time she gives to me and each of her patients. For each visit, I have spent 1 to 2 hours with her, I have felt that I have been weighed and measured to the inch and all my questions are answered completely. But when I leave I feel no pain and stiffness in my body. The love, concern and kindness that I feel is shared with everyone who comes into the office! I will continue to support her practice and encourage everyone I know to do the same.”

- Glenda Clark

“There’s a new doctor in town! I read the newspaper ad regarding Crossroads – the ad still resides on my refrigerator!- and decided I would take advantage of this opportunity to be one of Doc Sandy’s first patients in town. I have been her patient for a little over two years now.

“From the first appointment to the last, I have been treated with the utmost consciousness. Intelligent suggestions have been made regarding all aspects of my health. I have had manipulations and prescription reviews that have resulted in my feeling better than I have in years. I will be eighty this month.

“I am truly satisfied with the results at the hands of Doc Sandy and I would encourage and recommend anyone to see her; particularly if you are dissatisfied with thw answers and treatment from you regular physician.”

- Elmer C. Williams

“Doc Sandy is a true Holistic Doctor. She treats the mind and whole body like no other doctor I have seen for my disorder/problem. Doc Sandy gives you the tools to understand what our bodies are telling us and how to calm it down. Doc Sandy is like no other doctor I have ever worked with.”

- Terri Lane

“Doc Sandy has healing hands. I emerge from her treatments feeling not only physically aligned, but with an overall sense of well being.”

- Dagmar Johnson

“When I first heard of Dr. Sandra Sleszynski and her practice as a D.O., I was very intrigued. I had seen many doctors in our local area for issues I received after a motor vehicle accident 10 years ago. I had all but given up hope that my body would ever be rid of the pain and stiffness I’ve had to endure since the MVA.

- Anonymous